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Links to Simulation Models


Two simulation models are used to generate results that are discussed in the second edition of Managing without Growth. They can be run using the links given below:


1. LowGrow SFC is a ‘stock-flow consistent’ macroeconomic model with economic, financial environmental, and energy components. It generates scenarios from 2017 to 2067 for the Canadian economy. Model users can run the scenarios described in Managing without Growth and generate their own.


Links to LowGrow SFC:



    ISEE EXCHANGE:      sfc/index.html#page1


2. HappyGrow is a simulation model of a two-person economy that shows what can happen when people buy commodities (goods and services) for use and for status. HappyGrow illustrates what happens to people’s well-being when they spend an increasing proportion of their growing incomes on goods for the status they bring rather than for their usefulness. A public good financed from taxes is also included.


Link to HappyGrow:

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